Corner Coffee Co. (at Corner Coffee Company)

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Love this coffee shop. 
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too legit to quit!
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I think I subconsciously keep choosing the same types of places to live, they’re all really cool with great artsy vibes.. But they all have a lack of post-college young adults.. Especially for here, ones who are single. As much as I don’t mind being the third wheel.. It’s more fun to have friends in the same life stage. Can I get a witness? (Since all of my friends here, that are also married, try and tell me otherwise)


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~   John Lennon (via kvtes)
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There’s something nice about starting over, a new (yet familiar) town, a new job, new apartment, new roommates, new furniture, new almost everything.

It’s like the thing I dread the most, making new, awesome friends, is actually the biggest blessing because I get to choose the people I let really know me. There’s something really best about building new community.

My job is awesome, I work with awesome men of God. I’m thankful.

My parents are the best, and even in those moments of frustration with them I know I’m beyond blessed. My dad is the most skilled man ever who loves my mom more than anything. He is selfless. I could go on and on and on about how amazing my dad is.
My mom is sweet, thoughtful, crafty, and helpful. She patiently teaches me how to cook, organize rooms, sew things, and nifty tricks she’s learned from her mom when she was growing up.

I’m so thankful and grateful that The Lord has blessed me with these moments with them. I need that.

All of that to say, right now, I’m so thankful for where I am. I’m thankful for the pain used to get me here, and I’m excited about what’s next to come!

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~    AW Tozer. (via poppiesandforests)

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Coconut Syrup Banana Split
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